Why we are choosing to have a home birth

Hi friends!! I am SO excited to share with you the thought process and reasoning behind why WE are choosing to have a home birth with baby #2 due in April! First lets address a few things: 1. I am NOT super granola-ie(Is that even a word?) I DO try to make the best mostRead more

DIY Detox Bath for Kids

**This post contains affiliate links** You guys… tis the season for sharing sickies and all those nasty little bugs. The other night when I was bathing Lucy I decided turn it into a detox bath to help give her immune system a little boost. We have been exposed to sickness lately and want to keepRead more

DIY Cleaning Series : Kitchen

**This post contains affiliate links. I started mixing up our own cleaning supplies about a year ago and have adjusted, mixed and mashed up a loose “recipe” for each to share with you here. This is post one of a 3 post series so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t missRead more

Fear is a Liar

I used to be a slave to fear, always doubting the power of God and His spirit in me. Relying on my own strength and ability to make something of myself and having NO grit. Fear is a liar There is freedom that is offered to us in God’s word and it is mentioned 365Read more

FREE Budgeting Tools

YOU GUYS!! I am so excited to release to you some AMAZING tools that I created for managing your budget and your meal plan. These tools will be essential to being successful in sticking to your budget, paying off debt, building that savings or whatever you are working towards with your finances. Creating your goals andRead more