So here I am diving in head first… hopefully there is enough water. 

Here we go! By some miracle my daughter is still asleep (it’s 9 am) – I’m taking that as a sign to get started on this.

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now but lack of confidence and direction stopped me. Nothing on that has changed I just decided to do it- basically this is me sharing about simply being me, simply being us and being ok with that. Giving all the glory to Jesus. Healthy and whole. Slow and simple. This journey is one of getting back to the very basics with the food we eat, the products we use and the way we impact our environment. God is so concerned about us personally- our bodies, our lives and our environment!

I was not at all interested in any of these things until my brilliant sister who is a hydrology major started sharing with us the ways she was changing how she lived. So here we are learning how to leave a smaller foot print and riding ourselves of toxins. We’re learning, as we always will be, so no judgements and no false images of what we are like. We are a real family with real triumphs and struggles – just trying to simply be.

Thanks for reading this and I am so happy to have someone to share all of this with. Can’t wait to interact with you in this space!

One thought on “So here I am diving in head first… hopefully there is enough water. 

  1. Kelsee as your mother no words can express how very proud I am of you and Jason. God has had His hand on you both. I love you.

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