I'm breaking up with you plastic…

Plastic is poisoning our planet and killing us! I wish I was over dramatizing here but I am not and every day we are learning more about the destructiveness of something we all rely on so heavily.

Like I’ve mentioned before what triggered my desire to be more eco-minded was my sister, the first thing I thought was- EASY start recycling more. I mean we had the big blue bin neatly placed and rarely used so why not right? Before this epiphany I don’t think I had strolled it down the drive more than once or twice.

After a few weeks of being pretty dang dedicated to that- I mean seriously following the guidelines, washing things out before recycling, taking glass items to a separate drop off station(we don’t have a bin for glass available to us yet) lets just say I was feeling pretty dang good about turning this new leaf. Then this… as I was cleaning one day and listening to one of  Wellness Mama’s podcasts featuring Leah Segedie from Mamavation ((seriously go listen— here’s a link Healthy Moms Podcast episode 78))— BOOM light bulb went off and shattered my bubble. So much information on the toxic stuff we have in our homes- I had to listen back 2 or 3 times but still wasn’t able to retain it all. Here are a few main points I got away from it in regards to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s) …

  • EDC’s effect weight
  • EDC’s effect fertility in MEN AND WOMEN
  • EDC’s effect focus in kids and cause behavioral problems
  • EDC culprits- not a fully comprehensive list because there is something like 84,000 in exisitance; Phthalates (in fragrance, really bad for boys), BPA, BPS, BPAS.


There is so much to cover and so little time- EDC’s and the chemicals that make up this category is something that I am writing a blog post on next. There are so many hormone related diseases- diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer etc caused by EDC’s.

Anyway- rant over…after seeing the effect of plastics on our bodies, environment and future generations I decided to cut them out when and where I could being reasonable of course because they are EVERYWHERE. But this was so overwhelming- plastic is ALL over. What is reasonable? What is practical? These are two things I am finding out a little at a time- it’s a journey and for me it’s not something I can transition to over night but here are some of the steps our family has taken.


Adios plastics..

  • Rid my house of plastic baby bottles- even though they are labeled BPA free that does not mean they are safe. In most cases BPS replaced BPA and they are finding that BPS could be worse! I purchased two stainless steel bottles but haven’t gotten a chance to try any glass ((Thinkbaby Bottle)) my daughter loves them. ((Insert picture of Lucy with bottle))
  • Recycled all plastic cups, food storage, dinnerware and silverware as well as cooking utensils. I went on Amazon and purchased these ((link)) for our food storage other things we will build up as needed at this point we are good. Less is more right?
  • We stopped purchasing bottled water and started saving glass bottles that my daughter’s juice comes in and other misc. bottles and filling them with filtered water from our fridge.


Big or small the changes we make benefit us and the environment. Something I found to be so freeing is that you don’t have to do it all at once but just making little steps towards change is contributing to a healthier you! Recycling those plastic containers, plastic baby bottles or starting to use a glass water bottle – take the first step today- you won’t regret it.

There are so many more steps that we will be taking along the journey and I found this article that is so informative and gives a lot of different ideas to transitioning to life without plastics. https://myplasticfreelife.com/plasticfreeguide/






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