10 Free Activities to Revive Mama

As a mama there are times during the week where I just start to feel blah! And now that we are on a pretty strict budget going to grab a coffee or getting a pedicure are definitely ideas that are out the window! We’ve got to keep our eye on the prize and that takes the whole family! Team work makes the dream work right? 

So this morning I was thinking of different things I do that are FREE and take a few minutes of time that I can do during the day to keep my soul revived. Because if our cup isn’t filled often its impossible to pour into others like we need to!

So here are 10 quick things that we can do in 20 minutes or so to refresh our souls.

  1. Go to the library- I love to do this and just wander and flip through random books that give me inspiration. Home diy, gardening, baking etc.
  2. DIY pedicure: fill the sink (yes I use my bathroom sink) or a bucket with hot as you can stand water add some epsom salt and soak for 5-10 minutes once those calluses are nice and soft give a good scrub down with a pumice stone. Clean up and paint (if thats your thing) those tootsies. Once they are dry give them a good rub down and massage with some thick cream. Cover those bad boys up with cotton socks and let them soak up all the goodness.
  3. Oil Cleanse your face: This is absolutely one of my favorite things to do to feel like I am pampering myself. It just feels luxurious to me. I use olive oil and castor oil…google ratios and its something you have to figure out what works for your skin. After you’ve that figured rub the oil mixture on your face massaging in circular motions avoiding your eye area- the longer you massage the more the oil can do its job and you can enjoy the mini-facial. Leave it on for a few minutes – grab some coffee and your fav devotional. Get a wash cloth and wet it with the hot water – hot as you can stand. Drape the cloth over your face and let the steam do its work – once the cloth is cool repeat once more and wipe clean. No need to moisturize or wash your face after.
  4. Do a devotional for some serious soul revival – She Reads Truth  Has some great free resources.
  5. Start a journal – look to Pinterest for some great inspiration!
  6. Do some yoga – search Youtube for Holy Yoga and get some devotional time and yoga – two for one?!
  7. Listen to a Podcast.
  8. Learn a new hobby or skill.
  9. Bake something.
  10. Visit your local nursery and just wander around to get some inspiration!

So there you go! Get your refresh on today! What are some ways you like to give your soul a quick reset during your day?! Leave a comment and inspire other ladies with self care ideas!