Back at it!

Hey everyone!

After a short hiatus I am back!
Things got really busy and I got really well… pregnant and distracted lol. In late August we found out we were pregnant with our second baby! Yay we are so excited! Shortly after I started a job back at a non-profit I have worked with in the past (more to come on that later). I am feeling much better and have my old energy levels back so I’m getting back to blogging and sharing our journey through life!

What I’ll be sharing…
We are planning a home birth so I am excited to share the journey and preparation for that as well as other pregnancy and birth diy’s and experiences!
Non-toxic home tips and tricks. Craft stuff and just life over here at the Reed Homestead…. exciting right?! So stay tuned I’ll be posting again later this week.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Photo Cred: Spencer Frazier Photography… If you’re not already go follow her everything she does it beauty! Insta: sfrazierphoto