DIY Detox Bath for Kids

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You guys… tis the season for sharing sickies and all those nasty little bugs. The other night when I was bathing Lucy I decided turn it into a detox bath to help give her immune system a little boost. We have been exposed to sickness lately and want to keep it far away!!

There are so many other benefits to giving your kids a detox bath:

  • strengthens immunity
  • helps flush out toxins
  • creates feelings of relaxation
  • helps with concentration

It’s a great way to end the day! We don’t have a bath tub so Lucy has always gotten a sink bath, because the space is so limited I usually just eyeball the measurements. If you have a regular tub the measurements should be as follows.

Kids Detox Bath: 

As the bath is filling mix in ingredients in the warm water, make sure the salt is dissolved. I always let Lucy play around in the water for 20 minutes or more to get the full effect. I DO NOT wash her hair or her face during a detox bath and we don’t use soap during this bath either. You want to make sure their little bodies are able to soak all the benefit up and don’t have any interference.

I just became a YL member and am loving the benefits of creating a non-toxic environment for my family. If you want to join my team message me. Member number13487749!

Happy bathing!!