2018 The Year of Intent

Definition of intention:
1 : a determination to act in a certain way : resolve

This is my word for the year- intention; to live with determination and resolve in every aspect of my life. As I go through my day to day life I can get caught up, distracted by the things that are necessity and that means doing other things half ass’d or not at all. So I want to be intentional this year- with self-care, with my family, with passions I want to pursue, with my career, with my relationships to God and others. So think of this as some what of a goal setting sheet- maybe not as detailed as it should be, I’ll save that for my private notebook because … just because.

I want to be intentional about devoting time each morning to daily Bible reading and engaging with a group of believers, whether that is through text message, the Internet or over the phone. I also want to enter into deep worship to the Lord in a way I haven’t experience before, I will have to make my self vulnerable which is not really something I like to do butttt if we want a certain outcome we have to be willing to go to places where we are uncomfortable to achieve the growth we want to see.

I am practicing a new level of self-love in this new year- physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Taking time to take care of my body is something I don’t often do and I’m setting the bar low by just aiming to do yoga three times a week. (SMART goals are a thing, they are amazing and I am implementing them in allllll the areas) Praying over areas of my life where I want to go and feel the Lord is leading me and then waiting for his prompting in where to step. Taking time to be quite with myself (introvert here). Enjoying things OFFLINE is super important for me mentally – reading a book, doodling, journaling. Emotionally I am going to invest in a few close relationships with other women and really go deep- spending serious quality time, really getting to know them and being known. I will be doing some emotional detox and implementing a protocol with essential oils for my emotional health (more to come on that so STAY TUNED!)

Of course the FIRST people in my group of others is my family- with my husband I want to be intentional this year to plan a date night once a month and actually do it. Investing in my relationship with him and becoming more grafted together is so important to me and is an area we have been neglecting. With my daughter, I am going to be intentional about investing in her- doing new things, getting down and playing with her, pouring into her the things that we know are good and worthy. Just taking the time. With other others- ☺ being intentional about answering the phone- I hate talking on the phone butttt want to change that behavior this year. (It’s the simple things right?)

This is where it kind of gets “list-y” (is that a word—).
Writing- take an hour each week and write- write for a purpose and make it a goal to be better. (That’s where those smart goals come into play)
Aromatherapy – you’ll hear me talk of Young Living every once in a while and don’t get me wrong that company is AMAZING. But my true passion is really learning how oils work and how to use them correctly. So taking a course in aromatherapy and sharing my knowledge is extremely important this year.
Art- I’m not much of an artist BUT I’ve always wanted to participate in the art exhibit at my church so I am doing that this year! This has been a goal for quite a while I just always chicken out.
Business- to open that Etsy shop and grow my business – super vague but I know the dets.

So there you have it a year ahead full of wonder and unknown. Waiting to be explored, these aren’t resolutions but plans- detailed and intentional. I encourage you to take care of yourself mentally sit down- create a list of intentions and make a plan. It will make you feel so good and prepare your head and heart for what lies ahead and give you purposeful steps to take along the way. If you’ve never heard of a smart goal – go now and Google it.
Love to you all in 2018, can’t wait to share all that is ahead.

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